Much Adobo About Nothing (50g)

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An authentic Adobo seasoning blend which is perfect as a rub on meats or used in chilli and fajita recipes
  • This rub was awarded a Great Taste ★ award in 2015.

    Adobo seasoning is a traditional Mexican and Caribbean seasoning blend containing Paprika, Chipotle, Onion and Garlic. This would make an ideal gift for lovers of Mexican food, mum's looking to spice up their kids mealtimes, or an enthusiastic foodie.

    Superb with chicken, beef and mixed peppers

    Rub the seasoning into raw steak mince before making the perfect chilli
    Delicious as a seasoning for a hot mixed pepper side dish to add to Fajitas

  • Ingredients:
    Sea Salt, Paprika, Pepper, Chipotle Powder, Oregano, Cumin, Onion, Garlic, Demerara Sugar and Rice Flour

    The rubs come in stylish stay-fresh pouches containing 50g of rub - this should easily coat around 20 chicken breasts. It's best used within 2 years of opening as long as it's kept in the pouch.

  • Mexican Fajitas


    by Annie M July 03, 2018

    Chicken fajitas are on the menu here every week because they're so quick and easy to make. We like ours just as they come, but feel free to add grated cheese, soured cream, guacomole according to taste.

    Mexican Lamb Flatbreads


    by Annie M March 07, 2018

    Pulled lamb is a great alternative to pork, and works just as well. The slow cooked shoulder smells great cooking with the Mexican spices, and shreds beautifully to make the perfect flatbreads with a splash of Sriracha mayonnaise.

    Boxing Day Hash


    by Annie M December 13, 2018

    Leftovers from Christmas dinner? This is a perfect Boxing Day breakfast bursting with flavour.

    Pollo con Chile y Miel - Mexican Honey Chicken


    by Annie M June 20, 2018

    Honey is a common sweetener in Mexican foods, and this recipe combines with the mild heat in the rub to produce an easy lunch or evening meal.

    Friday Night Chilli


    by Annie M February 12, 2018

    Friday night is Chilli night! Make a pot on Friday, and keep dipping in over the weekend. This chilli is really flavoursome, but mild! Just add a chopped chilli to raise the heat.

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