About Us

Set in the heart of the Oxfordshire countryside, Life of Spice was founded by Trevor and Martina in 2014 with the aim of making great tasting food easy and simple to produce on a daily basis.

Life of Spice products

With success at the first attempt in the 2015 Great Taste Awards, the future's looking bright for our premium gourmet rubs and spices. Fifty Shades of Grey (rub), Much Adobo About Nothing (rub) and Tequila Sunrise (salt) all picked up gold stars at the awards, and can be bought together as the Premier Collection.

We strive to make our products as attractive as possible to the user, so use premium quality stay-fresh pouches which will feel right at home on the kitchen counter - and make it so much easier to remember to use them. Say goodbye to the old phrase - Style over substance - and welcome in our new mantra - Style with Substance.

We produce in small batches using the freshest dried herbs and spices we source from a small and reliable group of suppliers. In all honesty, 'maker' days are the ones we really look forward to - the smell coming from the production unit is fantastic.

Product Overview

Rubs (15) Salts (5) Herbs (5) Baking Spices (5)
Memphis Belle Singapore Sling Herbes de Provence Gingerbread Spice
Rub Me Tender Tequila Sunrise Herbes de la Garrigue American Apple Pie Spice
Much Adobo About Nothing  
The Italian Job
Italian Herbs
Speculaas Spice
Fifty Shades of Grey The French Connection Fines Herbes Pumplkin Pie Spice
Pepper Smurf Duke of Earl Bouquet Garni Stollen Spice
Savannah Gold      
Sweet Home Alabama      
Kansas City Rib Rub      
Hasta Barista Baby      
Wagga Wagga Mama      
The Satay Club      
Rub Me Long Time      
Fidel's Revolution Rub      
The Brazilian      
Montreal Canadien      

Great Taste 2015 and 2018 award winners

Please feel free to contact us directly:

Life of Spice Ltd
Rowan House
North Green
West Hanney
Oxon, OX12 0LQ
e: info@lifeofspice.co.uk