BBQ Rubs, Flavoured Salts, Herb Blends and Baking Spices

Rubs - also known as BBQ rubs, spice rubs, dry rubs and seasoning rubs - are used to impart flavour to a meat prior to cooking. Just rub directly into the meat (or sprinkle on vegetables) and leave to rest for 30 minutes - and then get cooking, barbecuing, grilling or roasting.


We produce all our rubs, salts and herb blends right here in the UK, from the finest quality, freshest ingredients we can source. Our Barbecue rubs contain no artificial ingredients, and are all gluten free and dairy free.


We pride ourselves on our gift collections - from Gourmet Rub Collections to mixed Rubs, Salts and Herb blends - in a mix of sizes. A truly fantastic gift for foodies and food lovers anywhere. We use stylish stay-fresh pouches for all our products which protect the products from direct sunlight - often the cause of most damage for herbs and spices.

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