by Annie M July 02, 2018



This dip is so easy to make and can be flavoured with many different rubs. For a more traditional houmous replace the rub with 1 tsp ground cumin. 

PREP TIME: 10 min


  • 1 x 400g tin chickpeas, drained
  • 60ml tahini
  • 45ml lemon juice
  • 1/2 garlic clove, crushed
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp Savannah Gold or 
    1 tsp Wagga Wagga Mama or 
    1 tsp Memphis Belle or
    1 tsp Kansas City Rib Rub


      1. Add the tahini and lemon juice to a food processor and blitz for 1 minute
      2. Scrape the sides and top of the food processor and process for a further 30 seconds. Scrape again
      3. Add the garlic, olive oil and rub of your choice, and process for one minute. Scrape again
      4. Add half the drained chickpeas and process for one minute. Scrape again
      5. Finally add the remaining chickpeas and process for a final minute. Add a tablespoon of water if the mixture is too stiff
      6. Serve with toasted pitta, sliced peppers and black olives

      If using dried chickpeas, soak 130g chickpeas overnight in cold water. Then cook the chickpeas for 2 hours in fresh water with a whole small onion and garlic clove. This should provide the required 250g cooked chickpeas


        Annie M
        Annie M


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