Wagga Wagga Mama (175g Pouch)

A rich and versatile Australian BBQ rub containing Mustard and Coriander
  • Wagga Wagga, lying midway between Sydney and Melbourne, is the gateway to the outback, so fire up the barbie and get cooking with this great all round Aussie barbecue rub.

    Great with steaks, lamb or fish

    Tuna steaks take this rub really well when cooked on the barbecue
    The coriander works really well with fish and vegetables as well

  • Ingredients:
    Paprika, Sea Salt, Mustard, Demerara Sugar, Coriander, Thyme, Onion, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper, Celery Seeds, Pepper and Rice Flour

    Mustard and Celery Seeds


    The rub comes in an attractive 23cm by 16cm black mylar pouch containing 175g of rub. It's best used within 2 years of opening as long as it's kept in the pouch.

  • Aussie Prawn Salad


    by Annie M June 05, 2018

    Again at a loss for a quick and tasty lunch, the flavours offered in the Wagga Wagga Mama give this prawn salad a kick that will make it an all time favourite.

    Four Great Burgers


    by Annie M March 13, 2018

    A simple burger can be a thing of beauty. Simply rub the Sweet Home Alabama into the steak mince and season the top and bottom of the burgers to give an extra zing to your burgers



    by Annie M July 02, 2018

    This dip is so easy to make and can be flavoured with many different rubs. For a more traditional houmous replace the rub with 1 tsp ground cumin

    Memphis Ribs


    by Annie M March 06, 2018

    Memphis style ribs are normally cooked over a wood burning barbecue. That's a bit difficult here in the middle of winter. But fear not, here's the perfect recipe to create Memphis style ribs in your oven with the option of finishing on the barbecue if you wish.

    Coffee Rubbed Lamb Shanks


    by Annie M April 16, 2018

    Lamb shanks make a great one pot dish. The coffee and mild heat from the Hasta Barista Baby rub work really well with lamb, and the parsnip adds an extra sweetness to the dish.

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