Kansas City Rib Rub (175g Pouch)

A classic Kansas City barbecue rub to provide a true taste of the Midwest
  • Kansas City style rubs can be used on all meats - pork, beef, chicken and turkey - offering a well rounded, classic barbecue flavour.

    Superb with all meats

    Rub a generous portion into pork ribs and roast slow and low for a real treat
    Also great to liven up roasted vegetables

  • Ingredients:
    Paprika, Sea Salt, Garlic, Demerara Sugar, Mustard, Pepper, Onion, Sugar, Ancho Chilli, Cayenne Pepper and Rice Flour


    The rub comes in an attractive 23cm by 16cm black mylar pouch containing 175g of rub. It's best used within 2 years of opening as long as it's kept in the pouch.

  • Kansas City Ribs


    by Annie M August 04, 2016

    Traditionally slow smoked for hours over wood, we've got the ultimate cheats version - 3-4 hours and you're done. Enjoy!
  • The following collections contain this rub

     American Rub Collection
     Mini American Rub Collection
     This rub is also available in all 3, 4, 5 or 6 tin selections

Collections: Our Large Pouches

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