Lamb with Cuban Rice and Chimichurri

by Annie M February 19, 2018

Lamb with Cuban Rice and Chimichurri

Lamb with Cuban Rice and Chimichurri

Lamb and chimichurri are made for each other! The acidity and mild heat of the chimichurri cuts through the richness of the lamb and goes fantastically well with the cuban rice.

PREP TIME: 20 min

Ingredients for the Lamb

  • 4 lamb steaks
  • 2 tsp Life of Spice Fidel's Revolution Rub

Ingredients for the Cuban Rice

  • 1 red pepper, cut into 1 cm dice
  • 1 spring onion, sliced
  • 100g cooked kidney beans
  • 2 tsp Life of Spice Fidel's Revolution Rub
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 300g basmati rice

Ingredients for the Chimichurri

  • 20g fresh parsley
  • 30g fresh coriander
  • 1 green chilli, deseeded
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 spring onions
  • 5 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tbsp white wine vinegar


  1. Heat the oven to 200 °C.
  2. Boil the rice for 8 minutes, then drain and set aside.
  3. To make the Chimichurri, combine the parsley, coriander, green chilli, garlic, spring onions, olive oil and white wine vinegar in a food processor/wet grinder and blitz.
  4. Rub the lamb steaks with the Life of Spice Fidel's Revolution Rub and leave for 15 minutes.
  5. Seal the lamb steaks over a high heat for 1 minute on each side, and then transfer to the oven for 15 minutes (10 for pink)
  6. Combine the red pepper, spring onion and kidney beans with the Life of Spice Fidel's Revolution Rub and olive oil.
  7. Fry the combined vegetables for 2 minutes.
  8. Add the drained rice to the vegetables and cook for a further 2 minutes until the rice is hot
  9. Slice the lamb steaks and serve with the rich and chimichurri

Annie M
Annie M


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